Financial Services

The term “financial services” comprises of many different subjects. There is a plethora of topics to discuss within the Financial Sector

Here are the main types of financial services for you to consider:


Banking includes handing deposits into checking and savings accounts, as well as lending money to customers. About 10% of the money deposited into banks must stay on hand, as dictated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) reserve requirement.

The other 90% is available for loans. Some of the interest the bank earns from these loans is given to the customers who have deposited money into the bank.


The branch of financial services helps both people and organizations with a variety of tasks. Financial advisors can help with due diligence on investments, provide valuation services for businesses, aid in real estate endeavours, and much more. In each case, advisors help to guide people in the right direction when making financial decisions.

Wealth Management:

This type of financial service helps people to save money intelligently, and receive a return on their investment when possible. If you have a 401K program through your employer, that is one type of wealth management.

Mutual Funds:

Mutual funds institutions offer a type of investment that multiple parties share in. These investments are managed by a professional, not the investors themselves. The buy-in for a mutual fund is not quite as large as some traditional investments in bonds, the stock market, or the like, so they are a popular option for people who are a little hesitant with their finances. The investments are also diversified, which helps to mitigate risk.


This is one of the more common type areas in the financial services. Most people have some understanding of insurance; it is a system that you pay into monthly or annually which acts as a safety net and covers costs of some large expenditures which are often unforeseen. There are many kinds of insurance: health, auto, home, renters, and life insurance, just to name a few.

All the above information in this section is brought from the internet, so please before committing to any financial or legal contract do your due-diligence work beforehand and research the best option to suit your personal needs.