Social - Public Housing Sector

What Makes CIA Standout

  1. Most of our services are completely Free of Charge.
  2. We promote and support all Social Housing related topics.
  3. We provide Free Welfare Benefits/ Universal Credit Related Advice.
  4. We provide Free Leasehold Related Advice.
  5. We provide Free Central Property and Residential Advice.
  6. We write Articles relating to the Central Property Market and its financial implications on varying stakeholders.
  7. We can refer and advise Tenants on the Right to Buy Schemes, Home Ownership Schemes and much more.
  8. We can communicate with the Local Authorities on your behalf with all the agreed consents in place.
  9. We have a multi-cultured team of staff that are bilingual and can communicate in the chosen language of your choice.
  10. We allocate a specific member of staff to each individual case allowing you as the customer to have the best possible service you can receive from us.
  11. We have the chance of increasing employability amongst those who have not been successful.
  12. CIA are continually searching for up and coming talent.
  13. We provide Free advertising for Social Landlords.
  14. CIA provide a specific tenant to property match.
  15. We provide all property related search enquires from full tenant referencing, tenant guarantor referencing and Landlord to Tenant Matching.
  16. Our Fees are Fixed and are the lowest amongst our competitors.
  17. Top quality property repair services for the lowest financial values in the London Market.
  18. Free Valuations.
  19. Free Registrations.


Should you require further information please Contact Us and we will do our best to help you with your enquiry.